The Power of Pause: How to Reconnect with Yourself

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Quiet time can be a powerful way to recharge your batteries, reflect on what is going well in your life and what needs to change or be tweaked. More importantly, it’s a time for our psyche/mind to restore itself and heal within. We get badgered by consistent assaults by the world’s demands, and if we don’t take time to refuel, we will run on empty, just like a car without gas. How do we create the time to listen to the whispers in our lives? What will this quiet time produced for me?

  1. It gives us time to turn down the inner noise
  2. Also, it increases awareness and mindfulness
  3. Creates an appreciation for the present
  4. Reduces stress
  5. It gives your mind time to renew itself
  6. And, it helps to see what is essential and more

The unaffordable luxury of time:

You may say that you have “no time.” Not having time is often an excuse–at the end of the day, it’s a choice we make! Consider that if we don’t make time, our health and happiness could suffer in the long run.

“Learning to sit in stillness and self-reflect is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and our kids,” says Dr. Sullivan. “When we look internally and delve deeper into our value system and wants and needs, we can communicate at a deeper level. We have to foster that ability.”

Carving time in the morning has become a ritual that I’ve implemented in my daily life. I find that it’s a time for me to commune with the all mighty and rest in the silence. There, I look at and ask myself if my values align with the way I’m living, is it congruent, or is there something out of line? It’s a powerful question to ask yourself daily–to keep you on track!

Now that you have some facts, I challenge you to:

  • Carve out time on your calendar at least once a week (treat it like any other appointment, you can increase it to more often when you start seeing the benefits).
  • Consider quiet, soft music in the background, maybe your favorite candle or prayer book.
  • Meditate or journal without judgment.

Savor the silence. It is sacred:

Your mind is beckoning for some quiet time to pause and to listen to your inner soul. In this space is where you hear your inner spirit the loudest. You can listen to it, and it becomes most audible because nothing is competing for your attention!

It speaks to you in smallĀ whispers–Are you listening?