The Power of a Personal Vision

goals, new vision

Many of us have reflected on this tumulous year and may be wondering what’s next? “How did we survive having been shaken at our core?” And, “What will I do differently because of it?” What is the lesson here?”These questions need much reflection! The irony of this is that we have incorporated new habits, new insights, and we have become more resourceful than ever because of it.   

Beginning the process:

Some of you may want to delve into creating a new vision, one that is more realistic rather than lofty. Or perhaps, it may be setting up a new home office so that it’s more conducive to work; or maybe you may want to pivot your direction and start a new career. 

This new process could lead you to want to dig deeper and ask yourself, “What do I want?” It seems like an easy question; however, is it? And, do I have the courage to change it? Many of us know that when we step out of our comfort zone, this is where the magic happens!  

Think about what happens when we don’t live our lives with intentions? We are usually busy reacting to what life has presented us. With this in mind, let’s be intentional and create a blueprint for how we want to live our lives that aligns with our values.

Here are a few ideas on how to begin your blueprint for your vision: 

1) Jot down without overthinking all the things that make you excited or make your heart sing (2mins non-stop). 

2) Circle the ones that are calling you–perhaps it may have been an old dream you have put on the shelf and said: “Someday, I will get back to this.” 

3) Research what you have circled, reach out to others who have created that vision, and ask to meet with them. Join associations or clubs that are doing what you want to do, read articles, books, etc.–the idea is to start! 

4) Create small action steps to move towards your vision and build on it. 

5) Get an accountability partner, and touch base weekly, share your progress. 

6) Give yourself a deadline as to when you will achieve your goal. 

There are many ways to create new goals; however, this is a simple basic approach that you can implement and experiment with. The whole idea is not to be complacent but to be proactive–otherwise, we may be asking the same question next year, or you could be saying, look what I’ve accomplished this year…!