Season of Planting

We are in the Season of planting, fertilizing, and providing loving tenderness to help our plants/flowers grow and flourish!

Imagine if in each season we “carve-out” the time to nurture ourselves, like we do our gardens. Pause for a moment, what would that look like? How would you fertilize the seeds in your mind? What would you do differently? How could you empower yourself so that you could grow and flourish?  Would you think differently?  Have a different mind set?

Perhaps we would begin by dusting off some of those goals that we labeled under the headings: “When I have time…” Which one of those “to-dos” would provide you with the energy or new vitality?

Consider the energy as the fertilizer to create something new in your life that would bring you joy and happiness. It’s very easy to say, “I’m going to do…,” however, how many times have we been down this road, only to disappoint and beat ourselves for not accomplishing what we set out to do? In most of your endeavors/goals consider asking yourself, how can I achieve this goal so that it does not get buried with many of my dreams and aspirations?

Let’s create a “Blueprint” to begin the process of getting more of what you want.


Write down the goal, be specific—general is too obscure, i.e., On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will get up 1 hour earlier and go to the gym.


Set your smartphone/computer to prompt you on the specific time and date to work on the goal. Integrating your specific action in your schedule will help assure your success.


Announce it to your family, friends, perhaps you may want to share with your Facebook friends; they will support you because our friends want us to succeed.


Have a commitment buddy and support one another in each other’s goals. In addition, your buddy will make you accountable. This is a very common motivational practice in working out at the gym, for example.


For visual people like myself, take the month’s calendar 30-day challenge and post it where you see it every day (maybe the refrigerator or your bathroom mirror) and each day put a little sticky (I like using a smiley face) every day you accomplish your goal.


Reward yourself at the end of the month by doing something special for yourself—give yourself permission to enjoy your accomplishment!

We create power in making a decision to use our “intentions,” to work towards our goals, and we empower ourselves to continue our journey by knowing that small steps lead us to greater heights!