How to Tackle an Uncomfortable Mindset and Get Unstuck

procrastination, mindset

Have you ever had an uncomfortable feeling gnawing at you because you have an array of unfinished projects? For instance, your files and papers are disorganized; your closet is “stuffed,” you can’t find anything and an endless list that continues to pile up. Everywhere you look, there appears to be clutter–mentally and physically!

I can recall when I would have a mindset of “leaving things to hang,” a later mentality. I didn’t consider the repercussion of putting things off.  It was a way of running away and not dealing with what was calling my attention, and the more I tried to silence it, the internal voice would intensify and get louder.  

Let me share how I embrace the uncomfortable voice and how it has empowered me on my journey and will empower you too!

Leaving things to hang, mindset:

Visualize what the outcome would be of a particular circumstance/situation you’re dealing with, and your first inclination is the “later attitude–what would it cost you? Perhaps, a missed opportunity, a trajectory of an outcome that doesn’t align with an expected result, or maybe a more significant loss of something dear to your heart. You have paid the price of “later” simply because you didn’t listen to the whispers of the uncomfortable prompt.  

Have you ever been curious why you keep postponing commitments to yourself?

Avoidance usually comes from something unresolved or some unfinished business that you may have put aside, and it’s trying to get our attention–we look at it as an annoyance. “I don’t have time for this, and it’s not essential; the list goes on.” 

In actuality, those uncomfortable “prompts” are blessings in disguise, and let me share why.

Being uncomfortable is a gift!

We already know the ramification of ignoring our inner voice; changing our mindset and viewing those prompts as gifts can be the catalyst to paying attention to what is gnawing at us! Responding to it will help us avoid the cost of neglect and makes us feel empowered by “choosing” instead of dismissing it! Another possible way of looking at the prompt/s is to see it as an invitation to take a closer look beneath the surface. Become an explorer with a curious mindset and begin to excavate and see what is going on. You may be surprised by what you may find out about yourself. You may even discover a new awareness within your inner self. 

Once you’ve acknowledged the inner voice and have created action steps to address the issues that you discarded, you will no longer feel that mental clutter that was continuously chattering at you. You’ve created space for other things to bring you joy–think of it as cleaning an over-stuffed closet. Ahh–space!

Commitment to action:

  • Reflect on the past, and consider when you have taken the posture of “letting things go,” dealing with projects, clutter, things; what did it cost you? Maybe a loss of opportunity may have resulted in lower self-esteem, and perhaps more.
  • Take an inventory of emotions that may have prompted the behavior to want to let things go–what were you feeling at the time, what were you going through? Acknowledging these emotions will bring awareness when those triggers/emotions come up again, and you will be better prepared to redirect them.

In the end, you have tackled an uncomfortable mindset and released it from bondage–creating freedom! Now it’s time to reward yourself for cultivating the space for what matters!