How to Bring Joyfulness and Tranquility To Our Every Day Life

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What “if” you put on a different pair of glasses to help you see deeper within yourself? What would that look like? And, after the observation, would you want to change anything?

Life for most can be simple; however, we tend to make it complicated. Part of the reason why is because everywhere we look, we’re being lured by the messages that we “must-have” by marketers /advertisers, and we buy into it! The news is: to be “happy,” we need the X factor—a bigger house, designer bags, and shoes, luxury cars, glamorous vacations on and on…  

 Sometimes, our inner self (our soul) yearns for peace, joy, and tranquility; yet our daily routines may keep us from experiencing this. As simple as it may seem, we can choose to bring some of that joyfulness and vibrancy into our lives, with some minor changes.

Picture This!

Let’s step away from this present moment and picture yourself walking in a forest–What do you see? Are the trees tall and wide? Are they full of branches? Are the leaves wet with dew? Is the sunlight coming through the tree branches capturing the sunlight on your face? Are there flowers along the way? What does the air feel like–is it crispy and cool? Is there a bubbling stream along the path? Do you feel Mother-earth beneath your feet as you slowly climb up the hill? Now, where is your mindset? What you saw and experienced is better than a Rembrandt painting! And it’s all free, and all we have to do is choose to explore what’s in our backyards!

Let’s examine another way to bring joyfulness and tranquility into your everyday life:

Early mornings are a gift the universe gives us. There is something special about mornings that can feel like you want to protect it for yourself. The quietness and stillness have a luring effect of being suspended in the space of silence. There is something magical about it!  

Consider getting up before the family or loved ones get up, lace up our sneakers, and head for the closes beach or park (preferable, the beach would work for me). The gentle waves have a captivating sound that brings you into a state of zen-like. And, it can be a time to clear our heads, watch the seagulls fly, and feel the gentle breeze of the ocean. Each step on the powdery sand feels like you and the cosmos are one. The same feeling can be for the park or an early bike ride; they all bring their beauty and the same benefits of reminding yourself how to incorporate self-care into your busy schedule. Make a date with yourself to experience tranquility, and I promise you, your mind and body will love you for it! 

What are some of your particular rituals/practices or moments you have integrated into your daily life? 

I love to hear them!  Please leave your comments below!