Welcome to this crazy, hectic world we live in where there will NEVER be enough time to accomplish EVERYTHING!

Those who are the most accomplished DO NOT frantically treadmill through life in an attempt to get it all done.  They STOP.  Take a cleansing breath.  And focus on what’s really important: a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.   This allows them to choose what really matters: life, happiness, their heart and listening to that inner voice TELLING them what to do next instead of their INTELLECT guiding them.

Renowned researcher LAURA A. KING, PhD., suggests  thinking about your life IN THE FUTURE by imagining EVERYTHING HAS GONE AS WELL AS it possibly could. Visualizing that you have SUCCEEDED connects you deeper to your dreams and the life you want. She does this by WRITING a FEW SHORT PARAGRAPHS A DAY.  Without judgment or over-emphasis on form.  No need to edit. THEN, once a DAY for THE NEXT FOUR DAYS, WRITE EITHER THE SAME STORY, A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ONE OR A COMBINATION OF BOTH. ON the FIFTH DAY, REVIEW and determine what THEMES STAND OUT.    What have you discovered?  What will you do differently?  And, most importantly, what is keeping you from moving forward?

Carving out time TO WRITE ABOUT YOURSELF matters.  This exercise creates a tangible perspective on living WITH INTENTION.  And helps uncover the IDEAL you.  And instead of being ALL OVER THE PLACE, you DISCOVER the ONE PLACE  you  need to be the most IS IN THE PRESENT. 🙂