A Year We Will Never Forget!

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 Can you believe that 2020 is behind us, yet the remnants of the year linger on like the tinsel of the Christmas tree we threw out! At the same time, this year, we’ve become more resilient than ever!  

Three weeks before the pandemic, I lost my Mom. It was the most devastating blow to my life. And to make things worse, living in quarantine for almost a year with added loneliness was a lot for me to cope with. Yet, I celebrate life and consider myself lucky not to be part of the pandemic statistic that has captured the world. 

We are in this together 

Many of us have experienced much grief, pain, and loss beyond what we could have imagined. At the same time, we have strengthened our ability to adapt, to change, and even to flourish–yes, flourish. We proved to ourselves that we could overcome obstacles, despite what life has thrown at us. When we stand united, there is nothing that we can’t change. We have seen evidence of this in the many movements like Black Lives Matter, Me Too, Gun Control, and more. So yes, we managed to flourish and make monumental changes despite what life has thrown our way! 

How we turned our lives into a Gift 

We are clear on our priorities more than ever. We realize that life is a gift and our loved ones are the most precious gift we have. Life has taught us to pause and reflect. Prior, we were too busy being busy, multitasking became a badge people wore, and–how many tasks can I check off my to-do list was part of being productive. Yes, life is becoming simpler again, and I’m grateful for that. We learned that family and friends are our priority and not take our treasured possessions for granted.  

We all know Love matters  

Consider telling the most meaningful people in your life how much you love them daily because you don’t know if one day you may not have the opportunity to tell them I love you! 

We have become more flexible, tolerant, and grateful because we view life from a new perspective, as a New Year! 

Reflecting on the past year, how has it changed you?  

Consider journaling your response.

Yes, it’s time to celebrate 2021!